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“The PDC team understands the value of BIM and IPD, and has the expertise to apply those technologies in a collaborative way. Equally impressive is their understanding of relationships and keen desire to bring efficiencies to all stakeholders by embracing a more integrated approach. They are advancing the industry.”

Bob Simmons, Founder, CEO & CTO ConXtech, Inc.

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The Integrated Project Delivery process

PDC have a unique approach to IPD and have adopted a process methodology that has been developed to ensure our end-to-end projects are handled with the highest possible skill and efficiency.


Our project delivery model starts with considering all aspects of a proposed project, and planning with these separate aspects in mind. PDC have been working towards building a solid foundation process using this Integrated Project Delivery.

Working collaboratively for over 40 years with fabricators & constructors, PDC provides a different perspective to the design process compared to the EPC and EPCM models. This allows us to play a stronger part in harnessing the concurrent input from various parties during the end to end process to the benefit of the design, the construction and the maintenance of the solution.

PDC, along with it's strategic partners, brings decades of experience to hand when providing a truly integrated Design, Detailing and BIM service to our customer base. With a long experienced drafting team merged with experts and emerging talent across the full spectrum of engineering services, the result is not only increased handover efficiencies but early availability of deliverables to allow more accurate fabrication and construction budgeting and planning. All controlled from a centralized platform

“IPD is the coordinated and planned acceleration of a project by the deliberate removal of unnecessary design and detailing duplication, with real time sharing of data centric project information visible in an easy to use graphical environment encouraging proactive involvement by all”

Project Capabilities

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