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“We find that the transition from 4D to pdc has been seamless, and in fact we believe the acquisition by pdc has strengthened the firm’s capabilities and commitment to state of the are structural steel modelling and detailing.” We look forward to pdc continuing to be our major detailing source, especially on technically challenging structural projects.”

Ted Totten, President/General Manager

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Our Multidisciplinary Design Team

As part of our commitment to providing completely integrated engineering, PDC has developed strategic partnerships with a diverse team of experts and emerging talent across the full spectrum of engineering services. As a result, our capabilities span civil, structural, mechanical, environmental and other engineering disciplines. 

Our multi-discipline design team is drawn from all areas of engineering design and fabrication, allowing PDC to offer a wide range of services across multiple sectors, while maintaining a comprehensive level of communication between the project stakeholders.

Our collaborative approach utilises innovative software to integrate and standardise third party software models, rather than creating poorly interfaced individual components. This produces a single interdependent 3D simulation of the entire structure, which can then be used by our multi-disciplined team to fully manage and realize the project.

This approach improves efficiencies across the entire construction process to minimise rework and consistently deliver value.


Project Capability

Gorgon Downstream
LNG Project

Blacktip Onshore
Gas Facility