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"“PDC's excellent fly-through will be used with our existing on‐line training courses"

Helen from Rio Safety Group

Rio Tinto Safety Group endorses PDC animation logo

Animation & Visualization

PDC uses a range of powerful BIM tools to produce cutting edge, high resolution 3D animations utilising detailed 3D models. This approach allows incredibly realistic and technically accurate representations of client projects in still images, or in animated “fly-through” movie clips.

Utilizing quality imagery sourced early in the engineering design stage of a project, these animations are a powerful tool for project reporting, corporate coverage and regulatory presentations and briefings.


Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Capability

An added benefit of PDC managing and maintaining the project’s virtual environment is the seamless transition into offerings of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). In a market saturated be single model VR and AR tools, PDC comes into its own through the offering of specialized processing, federation and model enhancement, utilizing extremely large numbers of models from various authoring packages. These federated models are developed into gaming engines, allowing infinite customization and applications specific to client requirements. This is not just VR & AR, its visual engineering!  

To see some of PDC’s latest visualization technology at work, visit our Projects section.