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"Constructability, operability and maintainability were enhanced, resulting in an optimised and safer project and ultimately a safer plant"

RGP4 – Newman Hub Project Team

Building Information Modelling (BIM) Management, Modelling and Detailing

BIM is one of the most important aspects of any project and when done correctly is much more than just a 3D model.

Since 1973 PDC has led the BIM management and detailing industries, being one of the first to utilize 3D and BIM for the detailing of steel structures.

We have continued to innovate and evolve from there.

As part of our commitment to providing completely integrated engineering, PDC has developed strategic partnerships with a diverse team of experts and emerging talent across the full spectrum of engineering services. As a result, our capabilities span civil, structural, mechanical, environmental and other engineering disciplines across projects for the Commercial, Industrial and Infrastructure sectors.

Using a range of innovative software providers, we develop integrated models containing complete information. This integrated model contains complete information for all functional requirements of a project including procurement and logistics, financial modelling, claims and litigation, fabrication, construction support and asset management.

By integrating the various design disciplines during this stage, we can begin to identify potential difficulties, eliminating mistakes that can cause delays and additional costs during fabrication and onsite construction.

Understanding the importance of the 3D data contained in the models has driven PDC to develop stringent business and quality systems, enabling clients to utilize this data in their workflow processes.

Working in this manner allows the PDC's collaborative team to increase productivity both at the design, detailing and fabrication stages, and on site through more efficient construction processes.


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Apple Campus 2


Western Turner Brockman
Syncline No. 4

New York Police

Kaiser Redwood

South County
Medical Centre