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Yandi Sustaining Project


Client: Rio Tinto Iron Ore Expansion Projects
CAPEX: US $1.7 Billion
Location: Pilbara, Western Australia
Project Duration: 2013-2015
Key Services: 3D BIM Modelling

Projects Details

Rio Tinto Iron Ore Expansion Projects engaged Calibre Global as the EPCM for the expansion of their Yandicoogina (Yandi) mine. The phase of the project PDC have been involved with, increases the production from 53 to 56 million tonnes per annum (Mtpa).

The expansion will include construction of a new primary and secondary sizer plant at Junction South West (JSW); modification to existing dry plant at Junction Central (JC); construction of overland conveyor from JSW to JC; construction of a new wet plant at Junction South East (JSE); additional stackers and conveying infrastructure within the stockyard and upgrading to existing site wide infrastructure.

PDC provided 3D BIM modelling, shop detailing for structural and mechanical steelwork, piping design and isometric and pipe stress analysis for the below areas:

  • Junction South West (JSW) New Primary and Secondary Sizing Dry Plant
    • Run of mine (ROM) pad
    • New primary and secondary sizing buildings
    • Rail overpass bridge
    • Transfer stations
    • Overland conveyors
    • Dust control systems
    • Tramp metal magnet
  • Junction Central (JC) – Modified Y24 Dry Plant
    • Transfer stations
    • Overland conveyors
    • Dust control systems
    • Tramp metal magnet
  • Stockyard additional stacker and associated conveying infrastructure
    • Stacking conveyor
    • Stockyard surge bin
    • Transfer stations
    • Conveyors
  • Junction South East Wet Plant
    • Sizing station
    • Overland conveyors
    • JSE wet processing facility
  • Junction Central Modifications
    • New sample station
    • Overland conveyors upgrades
    • Scalping building modifications

Projects Challenges/Highlights

  • Utilised a global work sharing platform.
  • PDC’s experience and expertise in managing and minimising the impact of changes was vital to controlling project costs. We had the ability to resolve design issues and worked collaboratively with design and fabrication teams to minimise the impact and cost of change.


  • Over 15,000 tonnes issued
  • 28 Conveyors
  • 416 Active models
  • 320 Models issued
  • 68,711 Issued fitting details
  • 77 Areas and 1,101 phases
  • 49,172 Issued detail drawings
  • 1,136 Variations
  • 193 Resources during peak