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Rio Tinto - Western Turner Brockman; Dampier Port Upgrade; Yandi Expansion; Hope Downs 1,2&4


Client: Rio Tinto
Location: Central Pilbara Region, Western Australia
Project Duration: 2003 - 2012
Key Services: 3D BIM Modelling, Animation, BIM Consultancy, Design

Projects Details

The Western Turner Brockman Project consists of the Brockman 4 and Western Turner Syncline mines. The First phase included the Brockman 4 mine expanded from an annual capacity of 22 million tonnes (Mt/a) to 40 Mt/a. The Western Turner Syncline mine expanded from 6 Mt/a capacity to 15 Mt/a.

The second phase of The Brockman 4 project included an expansion of the village, additional mine fleet and construction of a primary crusher and a 4km overland conveyor to increase the Brockman 4 operation from its scheduled 22 Mt/a to 40 Mt/a capacity in the first half of 2013. The Western Turner Syncline expansion incorporated the construction of a primary crusher and a 20km overland conveyor to deliver ore to the Tom Price primary stockpiles. Existing Tom Price infrastructure will be utilised, including the high grade and low grade processing plants, stockyards, train load-out and on-site facilities. The first phase will provide 15 Mt/a capacity from the second half of 2013.

PDC integrated solutions provided Geospatial/Mapping, Mine, Civil Utilities, Mechanical and Structural disciplines to ensure multi-disciplinary interface checks were conducted, assisting in the project design and ensuring accuracy of the fabrication drawings.

Projects Challenges/Highlights

The major project goal was to ensure Clients Schedule Milestones were achieved whilst ensuring the highest level of accuracy in the provision of all client deliverables including:

  • Mine Information Modelling (MIM) Systems
  • Fully intelligent 3D Review Models including vendor items
  • Integrated and collaborated systems between engineering and detailed design
  • 2D Shop Detailing Drawings (Total of 42,000 drawings and fittings, with additional 4 corresponding MIM reports per drawing)
  • Electronic Fabrication Data
  • Detailed Material Take Off’s

“PDC’s services meant a three to four month improvement on our overall schedule”

Brockman 4 Project Team