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Prudential Tower

United States of America

Client: Cives Steel Company - Northern
CAPEX: US$44 Million
Location: Newark, New Jersey
Project Duration: 2013-2014
Key Services: 3D BIM Modelling, Design

Projects Details

The Prudential Tower is a 9,180 tonne office building, built to hold more than 3,000 employees. The structure consists of two 20 storey high-rise towers which are joined by vertical atrium and of a parking garage structure.

This project’s scope of work consists of 3D modelling/detailing and providing shop drawings using Tekla structure software of the towers and parking garage which includes structural columns, beams, trusses, vertical braces, elevator beams and elevator support posts including the connections to steels.

The scope of work also include supplying BIM and Electronic deliverables which includes Tekla structure model database, 3D DWG/DXF Web Viewers and IFC files to the Client on a weekly basis. These model files were uploaded in the FTP and in PDC Vision System and notify the Client through email of the Weekly Status Report and Outstanding Issues. PDC provide Client access to PDC Vision System to provide information to all project’s RFI/CDQ’s, Change Orders, Submittal Dates and Modelling/Detailing Status.

PDC also participated in the Weekly Curtain Wall Coordination meeting with the General Contractor, Curtain Wall Manufacturer, Deck Supplier, EOR and Fabricator (Cives) via the internet.

Projects Challenges/Highlights

  • This project has experienced many challenges due to massive design changes and delay in connection information resulting in 319 RFI’s and 396 Connection Design queries to date.
  • PDC identified the challenge due to the curtain wall connection complexity and interferences with the steel structure. As a result PDC attended weekly coordination meeting with the General Contractor, Curtain Wall Contractor, Deck Supplier and Fabricator (Cives) via Web Conference which continued for over 3 months. These coordination meetings proved successful allowing quick resolution to all the issues with the Steel structure and the curtain wall connections.
  • PDC are continuing to receive design changes during the erection phase and working with the client to manage alongside the fabricator.

"Excellent! PDC group is doing an outstanding job."

Chris Kleban, Skanska, USA.