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Kaiser Redwood Hospital


Client: Schuff Steel Stockton
Location: Redwood City, CA
Project Duration: 2011
Key Services: 3D BIM Modelling

Projects Details

Kaiser Permanente Redwood City Medical Center includes six medical office buildings, one acute care hospital, one outpatient surgery unit, and home health and hospice services for approximately 110,400 members. The 149-bed, 280,000- square-foot structure boasts floor to ceiling glass walls that frame the south side of the lobby and all seven floors of the new hospital. They face the new drought-tolerant healing garden with colors that will change with the seasons.

3D BIM and detailing of approximately 3,400 tonnes of structural steel.

Projects Challenges/Highlights

  • This was an Office of Statewide Health Planning and Developmen (OSPD) job that PDC needs approval first to proceed if there’s any deviation in the design due to conflicting information.
  • Placement of boom supports were carefully coordinated with the Vendor drawings to ensure proper fitting of medical equipment.
  • BRB connections and workpoints were properly coordinated to ensure proper design by the BRB contractor and ensure proper erectability in the field.
  • The project was delivered within the clients demanding project schedule and multiple design changes.