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Ichthys Onshore LNG Facilities


Client: Leighton Contractors
CAPEX: AUD $680 Million
Location: Darwin, Northern Territory
Project Duration: 2014
Key Services: 3D BIM Modelling, Animation, BIM Consultancy

Projects Details

The Ichthys Onshore LNG Project is the process pant from which LNG sourced from the Browse Basin, off the North West coast of Western Australia. The plant is located in Darwin. The project is a joint venture between INPEX and TOTAL group of companies and the Australia subsidiaries of Tokyo Gas, Osaka Gas, Chubu Electric Power and Toho Gas. Leighton’s were contracted to construct the Main Civil Works. 

PDC’s scope included the provision of 3D and 4D modelling services as well as complete series of animations to be used as part of a commercial claim on the project related to delays and changes top scope/complexity of work With the use of our own innovative software iConstruct steps involved:

  • Integration and linking of various data including WBS codes and ID’s into the model.
  • Significant clean-up of model using Reconstruct and extraction of Data (using BIMFLOW).
  • Data then cleaned up and merged into updated models (weekly).
  • Automated process of integrating data including P6 Schedule and model preparation.
  • Importing 11000 Primavera P6 codes into Timeliner Sequencing tool.
  • Exporting Timeliner information direct to 3DS Max (significant New Development enhancement)
  • Post production for effects, time bars and commentary text.

Projects Challenges/Highlights

  • In order to succeed with the animation some extremely complex model management was required. With the use of iConstruct, additional civil trench modelling, 3D Studio Max animation, and some pretty intensive post production comments and imagery PDC exceeded the client’s expectations.
  • The majority of the processing was set up in BIM Flow which is an automated work flow engine for updating models, which enabled 71 steps and processes at the press of a button. 

“PDC have provide a top-level service, customized to the unique situation of our project. PDC worked collaboratively with LCPL, using large and complex levels of information to a produce a format that can communicate effectively with all levels of the construction team. This effort required the coordination multiple design and information sources, which were predominantly international design houses managed by others."

Anthony Butler, Interface Manager