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Broadway Tower


Client: Supreme Steel Portland
Location: Portland, Oragon
Project Duration: 2016-2017
Key Services: 3D BIM Modelling

Projects Details

The Broadway Tower is a mixed used commercial building located in Portland, Oregon. The building is 19-story encompassing 430,000 gross sq. ft. of office space, residential, hotel and retail space. The building has two lobbies housing the key national hotel with 189 hotel rooms from ground to the eighth floor and the office rental spaces from ninth to nineteenth floor separately. The building also contains 4 below-ground parking facility. The building’s exterior is enclosed in glass with curtain wall cantilevers beyond the north and south faces.

PDC’s scope of work included 3D BIM modelling and shop detailing of 1,200 tons of structural steel on the following areas:

  • Structural steel column, beams and braces
  • Operable/Folding Partition Wall Support Frame
  • North, South and East Canopy Frame
  • Floor and roof opening frames
  • Beam web penetrations
  • Slab edge supports

Projects Challenges/Highlights

  • PDC’s project management team were located in Manila with local coordinator support in Vancouver, Canada. 
  • Due to Canron previously not having worked with PDC in the past the initial project setup included and understanding new Client preferences with issuing of models, packages and ABM procedures.
  • The Tower consists of a Concrete core with an upper steel tower starting at level 9 to level 20 and Roof inclusively, with 1,005 tons of steelwork. This included 9,990 individual steel assemblies and 1,858 embeds to concrete. There was a large amount of concrete modelled for these embeds for co-ordination purposes.
  • PDC provided design assist support.
  • The project contained tight deadlines established early on in the Project, the final Fabrication Packages Issued were to the PDC high level of quality standard and on time.
  • Slab/Deck support angle and  kicker, outriggers, braces and hanger angles attached to structural steel frame
  • Embeds supporting main steel frame