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Apple Campus 2


Client: Schuff Steel Company
CAPEX: US$500 Million
Location: Cupertino, California
Project Duration: 2013-2016
Key Services: 3D BIM Modelling, Design

Projects Details

The Apple Campus 2 expected to open in the middle of 2016. The campus is planned to house 13,000 employees in a four story circular building approximately 2.8 million square feet (260,000 m2). Other facilities include a 1,000 seat auditorium, Research and Development facilities, fitness centre and an orchard. The HQ has 80% of its site covered with trees & has access to clean energy & power sources, including natural gas. The local energy grid will only be accessed in emergencies. Apple developed the design to surround their brand values of innovation, ease of use and beauty.

PDC’s scope included 3D BIM modelling and shop detailing for the structural steel framing for the full structure comprising of Roof, Restaurant and Entries.

Scope included:

  • BIM deliverables & presence in associated meetings;
  • The primary and secondary framing;
  • Connection and cross bracing steel;
  • Overhead hoisting beams at elevator shafts;
  • Deck support steel plates;
  • In-situ Concrete Embeds supporting main steel frame;
  • Restaurant mezzanine bridge framing;
  • Metal Stairs and Handrails;
  • Temporary Tension rod including brackets and connection;
  • Slab/Deck support angle and plates, kicker, outriggers, braces and hanger angles attached to structural steel frame;
  • Erection drawings with piece numbers and exact location of steel by elevation and grid;
  • Tolerance clearances document during the BIM phase for contractors to understand the clearances associated with steel during modelling efforts.

PDC in addition to the Headquarters building carried out shop detailing on the Apple Theatre, Underground Auditorium. This is a 1,000 Ton steel project which is based adjacent to the Apple Headquarters primarily used for holding media events and new product launches

Projects Challenges/Highlights

  • The Apple Campus 2 project is a very significant project for PDC as the eyes of the world are on this prestigious 2.8 million square foot building set to house 12,000 employees.
  • The structure is expected to receive numerous Architectural & Design awards over the coming years.
  • The team from both Asia Pacific and Perth offices are work sharing the project utilising the latest iPD Tekla enhancements.
  • Project was challenging due to the numerous design revisions and construction sequence revision from the client.
  • The Project is located on the West Coast of the US in an area of high seismic risk and as a result the connections are Engineer mandated under strict criteria.