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APLNG Nitrogen Packages


Client: Aker Solutions
CAPEX: US$14 Billion
Location: Queensland
Project Duration: 2012-2013
Key Services: 3D BIM Modelling, Design

Projects Details

APLNG is a developer of CSG to LNG project based on Australia’s largest CSG reserves base. APLNG project delivered by Origin (Upstream Operator) and ConocoPhillips (Downstream Operator).

PDC scope indcluded the engineering design and modelling of 7 units in total with six the same and the one different in size and capacity. Each unit consisted of a compressor and generation.

Scope of services included:

  • Conceptual layouts for N2 compression Skid arrangements in a modular concept to within a foot print envelope of 12Mx10Mx3.5M with a maximum shipping envelope was 21.0M x7.5M x5.0M
  • Conceptual layouts philosophy was based on 2 main Skids for design, comprising of:
    • A common compressor / dryer / Filter Skid design arrangement; and
    • A common air receiver, nitrogen membrane and Nitrogen Receiver skid design arrangement
  • Structural design and shop detailing of skids, access platforms and supports
  • Piping Fabrication Isometrics
  • Pipe Supports
  • Detailing of skid piping and interconnecting piping between compressor and nitrogen receiver skids and Receiver vessel.
  • Provided civil footing layout with expected loads. Forming part of the basic civil arrangement for Akersolution to provide to civil engineers in design and develop detail arrangements.
  • Lifting studies for 2 off skid arrangements
  • Model instrument / electrical cable tray routes c/w integrated supports to the lifting frame structure.