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Alexandria Center


Client: Cives Steel Company
Location: Cambridge, Massachusetts
Project Duration: 2012-2015
Key Services: 3D BIM Modelling, Design

Projects Details

Alexandria Center at Kendall Square will ultimately bring 1.7 million square feet of state-of-the-art office and laboratory space including the new 307,000-square-foot Biogen Idec building to the Boston area. Alexandria Center will encompass five high-tech facilities, including Biogen’s six-story build-to-suit home. 

PDC worked directly for fabricator, Cives (Mid-Atlantic), both in the capacity of modeler/detailer and onsite project coordinator. Scope of work included 4,800 tons of BIM modelling and structural steelwork. Due to the collaborative design coordination, actual construction was able to start 9 months sooner than a traditional Design/Bid/Build delivery.

  • PDC’s onsite “project coordinator” worked alongside our fabricator client’s onsite co-location team on a daily basis every week during the design assist phase of this project.
  • The model coordination was commenced at 25% DD’s and continued thru 50%, 75% and 90% DD’s.
  • Daily coordination meetings were held with all trade parties present to finalize design and trade interfaces in a model environment (Navisworks).
  • Based on the outcome of these coordination meetings, PDC’s onsite “project coordinator” updated the fabricator’s Tekla model on a daily basis and resubmitted to the CM for further coordination.
  • The bulk of these model revisions were in the form of beam penetrations for MEP trades, however there were also gusset changes due to pipe & duct clashes.
  • Connections and interfaces for the curtain wall & elevator were also coordinated in these meetings, but not soon enough to maximize the benefits (see negative outcomes below).

Projects Challenges/Highlights

  • Substantial cost savings by being able to incorporate beam penetration in the shop rather than in the field.
  • Due to the collaborative design coordination and dynamic incorporation, actual construction was able to start 9 months sooner than a traditional Design/Bid/Build delivery.
  • Impacts of design iterations could be reviewed and evaluated the same day.