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Integrated 3D Building Information Modelling (BIM) Management, Modelling and Detailing Services

PDC is a highly experienced global BIM management, modelling, digital engineering and detailing services company.

PDC is engineering evolved.

This means we go beyond the limitations of a traditional engineering firm. What we deliver to clients, in association with our strategic partners, is capability that spans the full lifecycle of a design project – from innovative conceptualization to a build-ready plan and ongoing management.

From our earliest days we have incorporated turnkey principles to deliver improved value to clients. PDC believes the loss of project continuity and knowledge through independent delivery of design, engineering, detailing and project management suppliers is a critical preventable cost to our clients. That’s why we’ve developed advanced management, modelling and detailing workflows to enable the transparent and complete delivery of integrated engineering to our clients.

Our passion for efficiency underpins reduced health, safety and environmental risk. Our systems enable lean, repeatable designs to minimize operational and materials waste, as well as land clearance. The high accuracy of our designs also means less work and re-work, reducing fatigue from time spent on site.

‘Engineering evolved’ means more complete, more effective and greater value project delivery for our clients.

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"I wish to take this opportunity to personally acknowledge PDC for its outstanding corporate involvement in the delivery of this successful event. Mr Paul Nunn, General Manager BIM delivered an engaging presentation at the forum. The presentation was well received by representatives throughout the Australian building and construction sector. The case study drawing upon capabilities of PDC was critical to the success of the forum. This impressive presentation linked both days and bolstered PDC leadership position in the adoption and implementation of BIM within the workflow process.”

Sumit Oberoi, Executive Director AMCA
BIM MEP AUS Construction Innovation 2014 Forum

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